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Sanitary removal of liquid waste has always been our passion; now more than ever after the unusual situation many organisations have found themselves in the need for cleanliness and hygiene is central to successful business, and we are here to help. We understand budgets are tight and will work with you to get the job done as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Using our new tanker which carries 150 metres of hose for easy access to pumping stations, public and private premises, shops and sewer treatment centres, our engineers can safely and quickly offer drainage of liquid waste from all of the following installations:

Pump Stations

Cost effective drainage of pumping stations from large commercial pumping facilities to smaller, domestic sump pumps.

Sewage Treatment Plants

We provide regular pumping and disposal of the solid matter (sludge) build up from both domestic and commercial units.

Septic Tanks & Cesspits

Depending on the size and average usage of the tank or cess pit, twice annually is usually recommended and we are committed to making sure we can provide this at a cost acceptable to you.

Grease Traps

Even difficult locations are easy to reach with our ample hoses so we can clean your grease traps of unwanted food debris and provide a sanitary solution to all your kitchen fat requirements.


Drainage and clearance of gullies overflowing with surface water in private gardens and larger, public spaces.

Interceptors (Petrol/Oil)

The Environment Agency recommends this equipment is emptied and maintained on a 6 monthly basis for safe and effective removal of oily water and pollutants.

Basement Flooding

Emergency floodwater drainage for all buildings commercial and domestic, whether caused by rainwater flooding, burst pipes or other such accidents.

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