Pump Stations


Pumps and sump cleaning

Maclin Environmental Services have both tanker and driver with the technology and expertise to cost effectively deal with drainage at pumping stations from large commercial pumping facilities to smaller, domestic sump pumps.

There are many signs that could be a warning to you, like toilets backing-up, pumps not turning on/off, mould, slow drains, sewage odours or pump alarms. These are all reasons to get in touch with us.

Together with our sister company, Maclin Pumps, we can provide a comprehensive service for your pumping station and take care of your sewage/wastewater and pumps under one contract.

Pump Station Frequently Asked Questions (4)

I can smell sewage, is there something wrong?
This could be the beginnings of a blockage, it’s best to get this serviced as soon as possible.
The pump doesn’t seem to be activating or turning on
My electricity bills are considerably higher than usual
Our drains are emptying very slowly, is this an issue?