Sewage Treatment Plants


Sludge disposal

Sewage treatment plants are very important. They are critical in creating environmentally friendly effluents. At the same time, they need to be maintained and serviced to ensure that they are always working to their full capacity and remain environmentally friendly.

At Maclin Environmental Services, we can provide regular pumping and disposal of the solid matter (sludge) build up from both domestic and commercial units to keep your sewage treatment plant functioning as expected.

One of the considerations when installing a sewage treatment plant is ensuring hardstanding ground for a tanker to pump out the sludge. Our tanker is equipped with 100m of auxiliary hose so the position of your treatment plant is no longer a worry.

Sewage Treatment Plant Frequently Asked Questions (2)

The effluent is cloudy, is this normal?
This could be a sign you are overloading your sewage treatment plant. This could be as a result of recent additions to your property or maybe surface water is seeping into the system. This should be addressed as your effluent could be failing to meet required standards.
My treatment plant is far from the road, can you still empty it?