Grease Traps


Grease pumping

Working with commercial kitchens, restaurants and takeaways, the safe and registered disposal of grease and fat and cooking oil is a crucial service to keep kitchens up to spec with environmental health regulations and meticulous hygiene standards. Equally important are excellent, safe working conditions and of course, delicious food! Even difficult locations are easy to reach with our ample hoses so we can clean your grease traps of unwanted food debris and provide a sanitary solution to all your kitchen fat requirements.

Grease Trap Frequently Asked Questions (3)

My grease trap is overflowing, what should I do?
Firstly, your grease trap requires emptying. Call us immediately and we will come and pump the grease out for you.
Secondly, the overflow of grease may have caused more issues as the grease from the first container will now have spilled over into the second conatainer, clogging your crossover line/mesh and possibly any incoming and outgoing lines.
Should the liquid levels in my greasetrap be level or uneven?
Should our grease trap smell bad?